On January 13, 2017, the Dallas Alumnae Club had the honor of hearing the heartfelt testimonial from Dru Mobley Hammer.  Dru was a past president of Pi Phi and became a philanthropist and social activist.  Her marriage to Michael Hammer, grandson of Arman Hammer of Occidental Petroleum, thrust her into a glamorous life that has taken her worldwide.  After a painful divorce and thru a beautiful journey of faith and mercy, she founded the Hammered Heart Foundation.  The Hammered Heart Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that partners with ministries around America to help people in need.  Dru on her foundation, “I know I did not go through my divorce in vain.  As painful as the separation was, I realized how blessed I was to come through without financial burdens.  There are many women and children who are left destitute from divorce and abandonment.  Hammered Hearts has been set up to help people who simply cannot make ends meet in times of crisis.” 

For more information on her story and on her foundation, visit hammeredheart.org.