Dallas Recruitment Process


In order to provide our Potential New Members (PNM) with a successful recruitment experience, can you please follow the steps below.

STEP 1:   Please let us know information about your Potential New Member (PNM) going through recruitment in the Fall of 2021 or Spring of 2022 by completing the questionnaire with PNM’s information.  This information helps us notify each chapter to be on the lookout for our Dallas Potential New Members! 

If you would rather, please send an email to DallaspiphiRIF@gmail.com and include the following: 

Email Subject Line:  College Name /Last Name of Potential New Member (PNM)   (example: SMU, Davis) 

                Email Text   

                Name, email and cell number of sponsoring alumna (your name)

                Full name, email and cell number of potential new member (PNM)

                Parent name, mailing address, email and cell number

                High school attended by PNM

                College attending

                Please indicate if Pi Phi legacy (and if an active sister/school) Note: Schools do not consider legacies now, but we still like to recognize when we do pledge a legacy.


STEP 2:   Login to our national website, www.pibetaphi.org.  If you have trouble logging in, please contact National at (636) 256-0680 or  webmaster@pibetaphi.org.

STEP 3:   Alumnae can now submit a RIF online (https://www.pibetaphi.org/join/recruitment).  An online submission form simplifies the process and chapters have expressed a preference for this option. 

To complete the online RIF, you must have your login information (See Step 2). Once on the Pi Phi National website, to access the RIF, click Join and then click on collegiate recruitment information

•           Please note that you will NOT be asked to upload a PMN's photos, resume or official transcripts.  However, a PMN will be asked by their college or university Panhellenic to upload both when they register for recruitment.  Hopefully, your PNM has provided you with both, so that you can easily complete the RIF form.

                Legacy information is not collected on the online RIF form. As of Summer of 2021, chapters do not provide special considerations to legacies in the recruitment process and no courtesy invitations will be offered to legacies.

•           The online RIF does NOT allow for the attachment of Letters of Support. Letters of Support should be mailed to directly to the VPM (Recruitment) of the university chapter.  To find an address for the applicable chapter, visit the following  link:  https://www.pibetaphi.org/engage/connect/chapter-locator.   

•           If you would prefer to submit the traditional paper RIF, please complete Step 1 above.  Download the RIF form from the Pi Phi national website and mail the form directly to the university chapter by MAY 1.  Membership chairs for each university may also be found on the national website under the Connect Tab.

 STEP 4:   Be sure that your PNM is registered with the Dallas Alumnae Panhellenic Association at www.dallaspanhellenic.org.   Recruitment dates for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 can be found on the national Pi Phi website.  For more detailed instructions on how to complete a RIF online, please click HERE.  

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